XLR8 is a Kineceleran from the planet Kinet. He is Bens fourth transformation which appeared in the episode And Then There Were 10.


He looks like a dinasour type alien. He is all blue with a tail. He has long arms and sharp claws. He has black stripes on his tail and a black outfit on. The Omnitrix symbol is on his chest and he has black wheels on the bottum of his feet. He has yellow eyes however he also has a helmet that he can bring down to protect himself which is black and blue.

Powers and AbillitiesEdit

He is known for his speed, he can run super fast due to the wheels on his feet. He also has some good combat with his claws and his tail. He also has a helmet that he can put on and off to protect himself.

Ben 10Edit

He first appears in the episode And Then There Were 10, where he is seen running toward grandpa and gwen. When they ask him where he was he says he had to take care of something, then we see Cash and JT being hung by there underwear on a tree.


Ben 10Edit