These are drones that belong to Vilgax. Its unknown if he created them however they do belong to him and do what he says.


each drone has a different appearance, however they all have the same kind of design. They are red, black, and orange. They have weapons and some of then can fly. Some of them look like there wearing black masks.

Ben 10Edit


big drone

They are first seen in And Then There Were 10. First we see them talking to vilgax about the ship. Next, we see two flying drones attacking ben. The last drone in the episode is a giant battle drone who is attacking people to get Bens attention, but was destroyed also.

Powers and AbillitiesEdit

Each drone is equipped with weapons. The bigger drones are obviously the stronger ones in hand to hand combat. Most of them can also fly. There weapons include lazers and drills.


Ben 10Edit