Vilgax is a Chimera Sui Generis from the planet Vilgaxia. He first appears in the first ever episode, And Then There Were 10. Since then he has been the main villain of Ben 10, and the villain in the third season of Alien Force.


He looks like a walking squid type alien. He is tall and green. He has a black suit, which includes spiked armor on his arms and leggs. As for his face, he has red eyes, long green squid tenticles, and two green tubes next to his mouth which help him breath.


so far, he shows no abillities however once we see him actually fight ben we will see what he can do.

Ben 10Edit


vilgax in healing

He appears in the first episode of ben 10, And Then There Were 10, first he was seen fighting Xylene's ship because he was after the Omnitrix. Later in the episode we see him again in a healing tank with no arms or leggs due to the damage done to him by the ship fight. After he finds out that the person with the omnitrix is powerful he starts sending more drones to get it.