Benwolf is a Loboan from the moon Luna Lobo. Ben aquires this aliens DNA sample from the Yenaldooshi in the episode Benwolf.


Benwolf looks like a giant blue wolf. His head is black with black fur on his back and his tail. His chest is white with the omnitrix on his waste and it is white.. He is very muscular and he has claws on his hands and feet. He also has green eyes and black fur on his ears.

Ultimate Alien appearance

in ultimate alien


In ultimate Alien, he appears to have alot more fur, and he seems alot stronger. His muzzle appears to be white. His omnitrix symbol is now green and on his chest.



Benwolf bite

Being a wolf type species he is powerful when he scracthes and claws his enemies. He can also run and climb very fast. He does have a unique abillity where he creates very powerful sonic screames everytime he opens his mouth.

Original SeriesEdit

He makes one appearance in the episode Benwolf. First once ben gets bit by the Yenaldooshi he starts becoming more wolf like each hour then in the end he becomes a full Loboan. He uses this transformation to capture the other Loboan which is very difficult. In the end Ben turns back to normal and the Yenaldooshi defeated.

Ultimate AlienEdit

Its unknown if Benwolf will make an appearance during the show however it is possible.


  • Benwolf


  • Benwolf is the first alien added to the omnitrix
  • Ben has only turned into him once and it was a complete accident also.



benwolf toy


benwolf icon


benwolf icon


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