The Omnitrix is a device created by Azmuth, and given to Ben that allows him to access a numerous amount of aliens.


The Omnitrix is a watch with great powers. Its black with white lines. In the middle is the face plate, its in the shape of an hour glass. When the face plate pops up under it is all green lines.


Recharge ModeEdit

In Recharge Mode, The Omnitrix will first beep and make alot of red flashes. Giving the user about 1 minute before he reverts back to normal. This mode is given to prevent the personallities of the aliens from taking over the personallity of the user, like ghostfreak did. The Omnitrix usually takes 10 minutes before going back into Active Mode.

Recalibration ModeEdit

This mode happens when the watch changes in order to fit the wrist of the new user. It also adds all new aliens to fit his personallity but also taking the powers of the old so the new aliens are similar.

Self-Destruct ModeEdit

In Self-Destruct Mode the watch will start counting down and will flash, depending on how much time it gives the bigger explosion it will be. However, once in self-destruct the user can say a code in order to get out of the mode.

Capture ModeEdit

In capture mode, the omnitrix will become yellow and shoot a flashing light at the alien that it is going to capture the DNA of. Once it collects the DNA the user may now turn into that alien whenever he would like.


  • Azmuth
  • Albedo
  • Myaxx


  • It was meant for Max Tennyson
  • The Omnitrix is lvl 20 tech