Heatblast is a pyronite from the planet pyros. He is bens first tansformation seen in the episode And Then There Were 10.


He is all fire. He has red fire patches on his body, but his leggs and hands are plane yellow fire. His head is like a fire skull, with red on it and at the top is a flame.

Powers and AbillitiesEdit



He is able to shoot a great amount of fire, it was seen in the episode And Then There Were 10 that he can create a new fire to burn out an old fire that was already there. He can use his fire to create a fire like tunnel protecting himself and others from the outside. This was only seen once protecting people from another fire so its unknown how well that will work out with other elements.



Ben 10Edit

He first appears in the episode And Then There Were 10, being bens first transformation. He was first scared

Heatblast and gwen

because he was on fire but then realized he couldnt be hurt by it. Then when he messes around with some fire balls he sets the forest on fire. Grandpa Max then tells him to create a new fire which will destroy both of the fires. He made his second appearance in Washington B.C. where he is in a burning building trying to save a mother and her child. He tries every door he can find but the fire is to much for the humans. Him and the family then travel through the window to the

gwen shoots ben with fire extinguisher

street by creating a fire like tunnel. After saving them he sees a boy with a gold sumo slammer card and asks him about it. Then Gwen comes and says the fire was to distract people from a robbery so Heatblast goes into the RV. When they catch up to the robbers Heatblast shoots fire at the car caushing them to crash and he saves the day.


Ben 10Edit