Grey Matter is a Galvan from the planet Galvan Prime. He is bens 5th transformation and first appeared in Washington B.C.


Grey Matter is a very small alien. His actual size is unknown however hes estimated to be a couple of inches tall. He looks like a martian, he has big yelow/greenish eyes with aa black line in each of them. He is all blue and he has a white outfit on with a black stripe going down the middle just like what normal Ben is wearing. He also has a black stripe in the midle part of his forehead. His speciese also has only four fingers and three toes.

Powers and AbillitiesEdit

He is very small which allows him to go in the smallest of spaces. He is also the smartest being in his galaxy. This is a very big advantage to Ben. He can create or dismantle anything easily especcially due to his size.


His size isnt allways a good thing. Since he is small he can easily be stepped on or killed.

Ben 10Edit

He first appeared in Washington B.C. He is used only to get something that he wants. He is seen making a

in gwens hand

mess destorying all the cereal boxes in the M-Mart in order to find the Gold Sumo Slammer card. Gwen then sees his litle feet and grabbs him out of the cereal box to yell at him.