Dr. Animo is a mad scientist type criminal who makes his first appearance in the episode Washington B.C.


Dr. Animo used to be a veterinary scientist who was doing weird genetic experiments on

Dr. Animo in the old days on the computer

animals. He then used his inventions to try and win a reward however his machine didnt win him the award. This led him to be very angry and tried to steal the reward which he thought was rightfully his from Dr. Kelly.


Dr. Animo appeares to be old except he is very energetic. He has pale light greenish skin. He has white hair and long nails. He also wears long black gloves and brown pants. He also has a weird helmet on that has two horns at the top.


Dr. Animo has a special helmet device called the Transmodulator. It is able to turn any animal into a mutant. Some mutants have interesting abillities that help him in getting what he wants.

Known Mutants Creations

his mutant frog


Ben 10Edit

He first appeared in the episode Washington B.C. He is first kicked out of his home because he could not pay. However, with his device called the Transmodulator he was able to create mutant animals. Using his mutant

Dr. Animo

frog he went to the store to get some more mutant pets. After that he went to the history museum to get even better and bigger mutants. Ben was not able to stop him at this time however once Dr. Animo reached Dr. Kelly, Ben was able to save him and get Dr. Animo arrested.


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