Diamondhead original
Diamondhead is a Petrosapian from the planet Petropia. He is bens third transformation and was first seen in the episode And Then There Were 10.


He is all crystal. He is full of green crystals and he is about 7 ft tall. He has yellow eyes and he is wearing a white shirt with a black stripe in the middle and the omnitrix symbol is on the right side of his chest. He also has two big srystals on his back.


He is able to shoot a great amount of crystals. He can also form his hand into a sharp crystal and can cut into almost anything. When he was fighting the giant battle drone in the first episode he was able to put a whole in him using his sharp hand.

Ben 10Edit

He made his first appearance in And Then There Were 10, when he had to protects the people from a giant battle drone. After a hard battle he ended up being able to destory it.


Ben 10Edit