Cannonbolt is an Arburian Pelarota from the planet Arburia. He first appeared in the original series in the episode The Big Tick.


He looks like a giant cannonball, his outside is all yellow except when hes not in ball form he has white skin. He had yellow eyes and the omnitrix was on his head.

Alien Force/Ultimate AlienEdit

He now has green eyes and the omnitrix symbol was moved to his chest and is now green.

Powers and AbillitiesEdit

Being a giant cannonball he can shape himself into a ball and roll really fast. His rolling ball attacks are very powerful when he hits and runs over enemies.


Only one known weakness is known and that is that if he is not in ball form and tries to move around he will easily lose his balance and fall. So the only way he can travel is by rolling around.

Ben 10Edit

He first made an appearance in the episode, The Big Tick. Where he first doesnt know how to control the alien but later realized its strengths. He appeared again in Grudge Match, when he is going to fight kevin. First keving was surpprised because he has not ever seen this alien so he did not know how to defeat it. Cannonbolt made his next appearance in the episode The Galactic Enforcers