Buzzshock is a Megawhatt which comes from the planet Nozedeen Quasar. He is first seen being used in the episode ben 10,000


He looks like a walking lightbulb. He is all black(other then his white shirt). He has three fingers and really small feet. He has some green bulbs on his arms. He has light green eyes that are powered with electricity. He Also has a big light green whole on the top of his head which also creates lightning.

Ultimate Alien AppearanceEdit

There are only two differences so far, the bulb on his head is now grey. Also the omnitrix symbol is now green.




His main abillity is being able to shoot electricity. He is seen multiplying but thats only from being sliced in half. So its unknown if he can for sure multiply. He can use his electricle abillities to travel through power lines and such. Anything that has electricity.

Ben 10Edit

He first appears in the episode Ben 10,000, to fight Dr. Animo. He made a second appearance in another future episode called Ken 10 where he is fighting kevin.


Ben 10Edit

  • Ben 10,000
  • Ken 10

Ultimate AlienEdit

He is yet to appear in ultimate alien however it is very possible since he is in the sequence.

in ultimate alien