Benvicktor is a Translian from the planet Anur Transyl. Ben obtains this aliens DNA from Dr. Vicktor in the episode Be Afraid of the Dark.


Original SeriesEdit

Benvicktor looks just like a frankinstein monster. He is all green with black hair. He has green eyes, yellow teeth, and a big power generator on his back. On his stomach are 3 bulbs and two are on his shoulders. He has brown gloves and black pants and shoes. The omnitrix symbol i

in ultimate alien

s on his belt.

Ultimate AlienEdit

He now looks a bit greener. His gloves belt and shoes are now metallic. Also the omnitrix symbol is now on his chest instead of his belt getting rid of the three bulbs.


The power generator on his back allows him to generate an enormous amount of electricity and shoot it anyway he would like. Also it is said that he is the second smartest being in his galaxy.

Ben 10Edit

He makes his first and only appearance in the episode Be Afraid of the Dark where he fights against ghostfreak in outer space. After a long dangerous battle Benvicktor is victorious and takes down

benvicktor vs. ghostfreak

ghostfreak once and for all.

Ultimate AlienEdit

He has yet to appear in ultimate alien, however people believe that he will make an appearance in the episode Vicktor:the spoils.


  • Be Afraid of the Dark


  • He and Benwolf are the only 2 to only be used once.
  • He was based off of the actual frankenstein monster.



benvicktor icon




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