Benmummy is a


Thep Khufan from the planet Anur Khufos. His DNA was obtained by another Thep Khufan in the episode Under Wraps. Ben first used Benmummy in the episode The Return.


Benmummy looks alot like a brownish mummy with different yellow and black colors. He has green eyes with black around them and then yellow to cover the rest of his head. He has long yellow strips that looks like hair. His sholders are yellow with black stripes and he has black lines across his wrist. Under his stomach he has black and gold shorts with gold stripes. His leggs are also brownish greenish with light green stripes. Also the omnitrix symbol is on his left arm.

Future AppearanceEdit


Benmummy in future

In the alternative future Benmummy, his arms black lines are now glowing green and the black of his face and his skirt have now turned brown. He also seems to be alot taller and mroe capeable in using his powers. It is unknown if the omnitrix symbol is on his chest or his arm.

Ultimate Alien Appearance

Benmummy in ultimate Alien


The only main changes are his head now has three black stripes instead of two, and the omnitrix symbol is now on his chest.


Being made of bandadges this allows benmummy to reshape himself and regenerate. Also being able to dodge

Benmummy attacking

attacks. Ben has learned that he can shoot his bandages at enemies and also tie them up and throw them easily without the need for super strength. Also being really light he can easily be picked up or blown away which makes this a hard transformation to control.


Being made of pure bandages Benmummy is very vunerable. His baandages are like paper and can easily be shredded or set on fire however he may beable to regenerate from this, so far its unknown. Same goes with water because his bandages are like toilet paper.

Original seriesEdit

Benmummy makes his first appearance in the episode The Return, he uses this transformation when ben is being attacked by the Yenaldooshi. At first ben has no idea how to use this alien but eventually he gets the
hang of it. After escaping the Yenaldooshi, Grandpa Max accidently tries to hurt ben thinking that he is the Mummy. He appears again in the episode Ken 10 used by ben 10,000 for a real short moment in order to get his son down from the vents.

Ultimate AlienEdit

Benmummy is yet to return in ultimate alien, unknown if he ever will but its possible.


Original Series

  • The Return
  • Ken 10


  • Benmummy is the only alien in the halloween group (BenWolf, Benvicktor, Benmummy) to be used more then once.
  • Benmummy is the only one in the halloween trio to not be used in the episode he was aquired in.



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Benmummy icon