Articguana is a Polar Manzardill, from the planet X'Nelli. This is one of bens future aliens that first appeared in the episode Ben 10,000.


He is a blue iguana like alien. he has sharp teeth, and yellow eyes. The omnitrix symbol is on his left hand. He has three blue spikes on his back, and has gills.

Powers and AbillitiesEdit


ice attack

His main power is that he can freeze enemies. He shoots ice out of his mouth and is pretty powerful. Its unknown what else he can do although its very possible he will show more abillities in the future.


His one main weakness is that if he uses his ice breath to much he will need to

out of breath

stop and catch his breath. Also since he is an ice like alien he may not do to well with fire type places and enemies.

Ben 10Edit

He appears in the episode Ben 10,000. He is used because vilgax is attacking so he freezes vilgax. This is the only time he appeared in ben 10.

Ben 10 Ultimate AlienEdit

He is not yet to appear although since hes in the sequence it is possible he will be used.


Ben 10Edit

  • Ben 10,000